Two families, one company.
Working together to create something new out of something already there.

People all over the world are craving character, conservation, aesthetic… using what already exists to create something more beautiful, something with a heart, something with a story. That’s what happens at Heritage Beam and Board.

Heritage is passionate about using old-growth materials for their hand-crafted furniture and custom home installations. Old-growth means the tree grew naturally, slowly, as God intended. The grain is finer so the wood is stronger, and it is beautiful. Heritage is a source for old-growth wood and authentic reclaimed materials, and a partner to help you channel your inspiration and translate it to be a part of the history, creating pieces that endure.



SETH HANSON — Co-Founder / Owner / Partner
(262) 757 - 8199 ext. 1

EMILY KRAUKLIS — Owner / Partner
(262) 757 - 8199 ext. 2

Copywriting by Stef Caterer | Video by Creation Media