Blood Stains and Bullet Holes

Gangster legend Meyer Lansky.

Gangster legend Meyer Lansky.


Local legend has it...

that a rural cabin in the upper penninsula of Michigan was the hideout of well-known gangster Meyer Lansky, who was one of the most influential mafiosos in the U.S. during the prohibition era. He was said to have been a genius at numbers, and set up innumerable illegal gambling joints around the country, especially in Florida, Havana, Cuba, and Las Vegas. In fact, Lansky, along with his partner Bugsy Seigel, is said to have been one of the first major investors in Vegas hotels, including the famous Flamingo.

During the mid-1900’s Meyer Lansky was surreptitiously one of the most powerful men in the country due to illegal mob operations. He reportedly bragged, “We’re bigger than U.S. Steel.”  Immortalized on the big screen, Lansky is portrayed (as Hyman Roth) in The Godfather: Part II by acting legend Lee Strasberg who captured his mild-manners and unassuming personality perfectly. Lansky has also been portrayed by Patrick Dempsey in Mobsters, and Anatol Yusef in Boardwalk Empire.

Heritage was able to procure some of the lumber from the floorboards of the Michigan hideout, making it the most dangerous reclaimed wood around. Don't worry, we're preserving the blood stains and bullet holes.