Heritage is Off Our Rocker for Pottery

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Lindsay Klix is a potter, a mother, and a philosopher, maybe not in that order, but for sure all at the same time. During our phone conversation Lindsay was answering my questions, sanding different pottery pieces, and checking on her kids who seemed to be playing idyllically upstairs. I was duly impressed. I’ve combed through the Off Your Rocker website and social media feeds and have surmised that this is a woman who, while self-reportedly not leaving her house much, gets things done. And the things she gets done are lovely. We chatted one afternoon about artistic ideology, podcasts, and her spirit animal. Lindsay will be at our Heritage Summer Solstice Open House on Thursday, June 20, demonstrating wheel throwing and selling her beautiful handmade pottery pieces.


HBB: Heritage loves what you say about Off Your Rocker Pottery: Art to Use Not Dust. Tell me a little about that.

LK: I love useful art, things can be both beautiful and useful at the same time. I don’t want to have things around that I just have to look at and dust that I can’t actually use.

HBB: How did you get into pottery?

LK: In 1998 I took a metalsmith jewelry class at a community college. One instructor pushed me towards ceramics and I’ve been doing it ever since.

HBB: So wait are you called a potter? People need to know.

LK: (Laughing) A ceramic artist or a potter, yep.


HBB: Why pottery? What attracts you?

LK: I’ve always liked creating and making, but drawing and painting are not my thing. I have pretty shaky hands so I’m not great at fine lines. Clay is very forgiving. I can manipulate and change it easily so it suits me. And, like I said, I like making things I can use.


HBB: You’ve got kids, right? How is the tension between being an artist and a mother? Are your kids into pottery?

LK: Yes, Delaney is 5 and Delila is 7. I have a 1500 square foot studio in my basement, so I can easily attend to my kids and still do my thing. They do some pottery- pinch pots and things right now. Delaney was just in a cast so I had to keep her away from the clay for a while though.

HBB: Do you listen to anything while you work?

LK: I listen to podcasts and music… a wide range of things actually. I can go from country to reggae to Arabic techno, to Bing Crosby… depends on my mood. Music to match what you have to get done. I like the Earn Your Happy podcast which is about making the best out of situations and personal development. And I like The Model Health Show. It focuses on how your body works- the science side, a wholistic approach to your body… kind of fascinating.


HBB: What do you do when a piece is not going well. When you make a mistake?

LK: Well, the wheel spins at decent rate so when I make a mistake it’s not isolated. I’m pretty good at correcting mistakes, but when it happens, my philosophy is that mistakes are what you make them. So instead of reclaiming the clay and being done, I set it aside and I might use that to try a new form, or experiment a different technique or idea, a new glaze. What can I learn from this mistake, what can this become… that’s how I get new ideas for new forms. The best things in life are not planned.


HBB: You color pallet is so pretty, how did you land on it?

LK: The glazes I use are ones I formulated myself. Different colors are basic necessities, like white. I do use both dark clay and white clay and the same glaze looks totally different on those. I love the blues and greens because they are earthy and grounding, like sky and grass. And I love the sunshine yellow. I was so excited when that yellow happened.


HBB: Who are your favorite ceramic artists?

LK: I like a wide variety of people. There’s one woman, Beatrice Wood, a famous potter who has passed away, who made wheel thrown pottery until she was 104. There’s this famous Beatrice quote about how all she needed in life was art books, chocolate, and men. How fun is that? Pottery is a more physical art form and the fact that she could do it until she was 104 is remarkable. She lived fully her whole life. Beatrice Wood is my spirit animal.

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HBB: So you heard about Heritage and then what?

LK: I heard about Heritage through a friend and looked at your stuff and I knew the tables and pottery would look amazing together so I knew we had to do a photo shoot, which we did with LOMA Studios who are fantastic.

HBB: And now we’re having a party. (Thursday at 4:30 PM Pottery Demo and Summer Solstice Happy Hour!)

LK: A pottery party. Beatrice would like that.

See a full schedule of our Summer Solstice Open House Event.

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All pottery photography by LOMA Studios shot at Heritage Beam and Board showroom.