A Whale of a Tale

Inspiration happens from whatever speaks to our hearts, our souls, and our minds. The artistic bent in us lights up and turns to use that inspiration to create beauty and art. Our customers have been inspired by so many things, and this time it was Melville's monster of a novel: Moby-Dick.

moby-dick cover.jpg

Dan and Peggy Schuld call Fontana, Wisconsin their home. They have a love of literature, and the story of Captain Ahab sailing the Pequod to hunt for his elusive whale launched their design concept point for their lower level renovation. Their vision was a mantel that hearkened the fishing cottages of Nantucket and the azure blue of the sea.


Heritage sailed in and harpooned the design concept from Dan and Peggy, loving the notion of bringing a briny tide to their home. We custom built the mantel and surround with reclaimed beams and siding from a local barn. Turnings were done from the floor joists from the Walworth Antique Mall.


Dan and Peggy love their whale of a mantel with its cool blue ocean stain and a whopper of a hearth beam. Perfect for cozy winters away from stormy seas.